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sheesh! Im freaking in love with Tama 😍😭


This game is a PIECE OF ART. The chills are lovely, and I felt my heart break when I reached the end of the demo..can't wait to continue playing, good job!

Also, if I love myself don't date that RO... why? WHY? I need to know ayayy

How the frick do i restart help


ooop, so there isn't a restart button 😣😣. In hindsight, I really should have added one now that I think about it😫😫. The way that I always do it is that I back out of the game til I'm back to the games menu, and then just refresh. Once I hit run game, it typically transports me to the start page. I'll add one in later today and re-upload the game for future purposes to make it easier to restart.


I need more :)

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Don't know if you'd be willing to add/change anything, but I didn't really have anything I was okay picking for the holy symbol. Like firstly I'm not particularly religious (more spiritual with fun magic stuff), but even ignoring that I'm not okay choosing any of the options presented as I most relate to/identify with some sort of Paganism, not various major kinda organized religions like those presented. Don't know what would be added for that and I'm sure it's a total throwaway line, but I wanted to bring it up since I kinda closed the story and gave up there because of it :/ (obviously I'm back and would like to try still, just me any my hasty impulses)

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Hi, sorry for the late response; I did think long and hard about your request and what would be the best course of action. Realistically, your religious idol choice isn't an important choice for the game, it's just flavor text in the grand scheme of things, and if you play further into the game, you receive an item that replaces the idol. 

Further into Episode 1, you guys do have the option to claim belief or skepticism in a higher power, or so to speak. With that being said, I probably won't add a pagan option only because 

 1) the dynamics of religion/spirituality are going to shift. I won't say more than that cause spoilers πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™‰πŸ™‰πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ!

2)There are a lot of past/current religions that have a pagan structure. Therefore I would need to code a good portion, if not all, to be inclusive. Because, being realistic, it is not fair to add just one and not the others. 

3) Its kind of a waste of time, honestly to add something that's not mentioned again in depth.  Or if it doesn't change how the games played. Especially when there's so much other things that need to be coded, fixed, and added.

I could always just say a "pagan idol," but that feels like such a cop-out and makes me feel a bit puritan/Christian judgy. If those reasons don't satisfy you, you're always welcome to go in peace; I won't hold anything against you πŸ˜€.  Otherwise, if you have suggestions for additions that I can add other than a pagan idol that would be inclusive for all, you can always dm me on Tumblr or discord!

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Thanks for thinking on it, honestly. I was largely worried it'd be like a "choosing your religion" choice that'd get referenced later, but since that's not the case and it really doesn't matter, I'm totally good just picking something that I think is neat :)

Just to say, the only kind of equivalent I can think of would be like an altar, but that sort of thing is so different to the others (being mostly large and immobile) I don't think it'd work. Either way I don't think it's worth bothering with, trying to do anything like that for like the two people it'd matter for :)


How could Alex forget me!? I thought we had a connection 😭


love how you get not one, but two separate choices to decide how fucked up your character's backstory was, holy symbols won't help, what they need is therapy ASAP




I really liked the game, but why I'm getting error when I choose Nasir when meeting them??

oh dear, could you tell me what the error says exactly? 

Oh no, nevermind. I could make it work again by closing the navegator, then opening it again. I really don't know why I was getting an error. Sorry for the trouble.

its ok! I'm going through the codes just in case anyway to make sure no one else has any problems


Ohhh!! It's so good! i enjoyed a lot Tama and Khalid ^^. Hope to read and play more!

thank you so much! I honestly have a lot of fun writing Tama and Khalid the most ^.^


Lovin' the game so far, though I have one bit of a critique about a line, [minor spoiler ahead I guess]

 Basically my critique is to do with the line, 

"This was going to be the easiest $10,000 that you WOULD ever make. Well, aside from that time, you took up stripping for two weeks at the local club." 

This seems like a kinda iffy detail to just add to the MCs background without any sort of warning or choice, and was something  I did not particularly vibe with (though it was fine, I just went back and picked a different option, didn't affect my overall enjoyment that much). 

Since it seemed like a throwaway line I honestly think it'd be best to just scrap it, and maybe replace it with something a bit more open ended, like "$10,000 is a lot of money, and you've certainly done weirder for less."

This probably seems like a really minor thing to bring up, but well you said to let you know if something was uncomfortable and well that did make me a bit uncomfortable.


Thanks so much for the feedback! I went ahead and changed it based on your feedback. Thanks again!


So I looked through the comments a bit to see if anyone else had this problem and it looks like others have had it too... but I can't get past the "trapped in a box" it won't take me anywhere when I click it.

(don't know how far choices need to go back but I'll start from where were we meet Khalid and he asks if you think he's paranoid)

No>>>Ask if she's ok>>>Say she's shaking>>>tell them

I've tried to refresh and clear cookies but that did work

Hi Vix! So I'm still working on that bug. Honestly I have no idea whats wrong with it because it works for me? I don't think it has anything to do with browser but I'll ask anyway. Are you using safari or firefox?

I use chrome

I was afraid of that. I'll have to look again and see what I'm missing

Hi Vix, so I re-uploaded the game, I still wasn't able to figure out what was wrong with it but I just rewrote the code for the skip. Please see if that works!

Unfortunately it still doesn't work for me. I even downloaded firefox to see if it was just chrome and it still didn't work on there. I'll try and see if it will work on my phone or on the itch app instead. But even if it work or not on my phone, I'll mess around with different choices on Wednesday when I'm off work and see if that might help narrow it down

Hey I had the same issue! I was replaying it to see if I could get past it and I can now! I also created a new save so that could've been it maybe?

Great demo!

ps.i find a bug on the end of the intro when i choose option ,,thank you"(or smh like that) i get bug screen :P


hi! Thank you for reporting the bug, I fixed it so hopefully you won't run into too many more.

Hello I just played your demo and it was a fantastic game ! I nearly cried of frustration discovering that I have already reached the end. Hope to read more, and thank you for your work ! (sorry if my English is incorrect...) 

Your English is just fine thank you so much for your appreciation 🀎🀎

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I love this and I am really excited for more!

Thank you! A quality of life update should be coming in May for it soon!


This looks very promising, I really like it.

For some reason tho, some of the options weren't clickable, is that bcs of contents under development or is it a bug?

Thank you so much! Could you tell me which ones weren't clicking? Some stuff is under development, however, they should still be clickable. I'm thinking its probably a bug.

AFAIK it's "Tell them" after the counter scene, and "Trapped in the box" during the elevator scene. I'm stuck there ever since.


Ooop, its me and my mediocre coding, we strike again! for tell them, I accidentally didn't add the variables for "Just Leave" if you chose that option. And for "trapped in the box" you had to have a certain amount of approval with either Khalid or Alex. I fixed both of them, so if your approval with Alex or khalid isn't high enough you'll just immediately go to the next scene.

I fixed both so everything should be working now! God i hope so

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Oh actually I went for asking her, and I picked the "shaking" option, that's where I can't get to the "tell them" option lol

Take your time btw

*Edit: played the game to the current end and I like it a lot! Keep up the good work :D


Ok i figured out what happened, I misspelled one of the variables  πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… and I've reuploaded the game again! 

 but I'm so glad you like it! I hope to continue to give yall some good content, and stuff!

Trapped in the box isn't working for me, unfortunately. Very fun otherwise; I'll come back.


hi mimbly! Is there a specific error message thats popping up for you?